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Zoom! In-Office Teeth Whitening 

Zoom! in-office teeth whitening is a popular dental procedure used in dental offices today. The procedure starts with our dentist applying a whitening gel to your teeth, which is then activated by an ultraviolet light. The treatment effectively eliminates both surface stains and those beneath the surface. It's a quick and simple process to give you a whiter smile. 


The invisalign system was created as an alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign uses a set of clear aligners, which makes them virtually invisable. They are made of a firm, transparent material, which gradually aligns your teeth over time. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign does not use any metal wires or brackets, which not only look unsightly, but are also exceedingly uncomfortable.

Teeth Cleaning 

Teeth cleanings are the most basic dental procedure, and our dentist recommends patients receive one every six months to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Without regular teeth cleanings, patients are more likely to develop cavities, gum disease and other complications. 

Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth occurs when bacteria from an untreated cavity causes an infection of the soft tissue within the tooth. It can create a pocket of fluid at the base of the tooth root. Without prompt treatment, the infection can spread to other areas of the body, creating serious health risks. 


Dental crowns are a suitable solution for many dental issues. They are used to cover and protect teeth that have been damaged due to oral trauma or decay. Our dentist may recommend a crown following root canal treatment or to address a chipped or broken tooth. Crowns can also conceal dental stains that do not respond to teeth whitening treatments. 

During your dental appointment, we focus on providing quality dental care in a stress-free, comfortable environment. We have an outstanding dentist and staff on board, ready to take care of you and answer any questions. If you’re in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, area, visit our office or call 717-826-9992 to schedule an appointment today!