Dental Imaging

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What You Should Know About Dental Imaging

A visit to the dentist may include x-rays or some other form of dental imaging, either to evaluate your oral health or to diagnose problems with the teeth, gums or jaw. Traditionally, dental imaging was a lengthy and sometimes messy process, but with today's technology, it's quick and easy. 

Digital X-rays

One of the most frequently used dental imaging techniques, digital x-rays are popular because they do not expose you to as much radiation as film x-rays. The imaging results helps our dentist identify any growths or abnormalities in the teeth or jawbone to ensure prompt and precise diagnoses and treatments. 

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small video camera that takes an image of the outside of the gum or tooth. The intraoral camera resembles an oversized pen. While simultaneously viewing a monitor, the dentist inserts the camera into a patient's mouth and gently shifts it about so that images can be taken from a variety of angles.

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iTero Dental Impressions

iTero Dental Impressions is a simple scanner used to obtain a clear and instant image of the teeth. It's used in lieu of traditional impression waxes and gels, which were messy and often produced a gagging sensation. Instead, this technology creates 3D digital scans that are more accurate and precise that any waxes or gels. It creates a detailed, digital map of the mouth, which can then be used to diagnose problems or to plan dental treatments like dental fillings and crowns, implants and braces. 


The Cephalometric X-Ray, commonly known as CEPH X-Ray, is used to obtain images of dental problems not visible to the naked eye. It aids in the diagnosis of impacted teeth, jawbone growth and development and identification of other serious problems. It offers instant results and clear, high-quality images, which our dentist can use to diagnose misalignment or fractures in the teeth or jaw. 

Bien Air Hand-Pieces

Bien Air Handpieces have been one of the most important advancements in the field of dentistry. This useful tool is most frequently associated with x-ray imaging, but is also used for teeth cleanings and other procedures where precision and speed are required, while reducing the stressful environment noisy dental instruments create. 

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a type of dental x-ray equipment that takes clear and precise images of the interior of the mouth from different angles, reducing the possibility of a misdiagnosis. It's ergonomically designed to ensure patient comfort and the images are instantly exported and displayed on computer monitor for analysis. 

Digital X-Rays

Rather than the traditional films used previously, digital x-rays take clear images with advanced, electronic sensors. As a result, they produce less radiation, reduce the use of harsh chemicals and produce higher quality images for a more accurate diagnosis. Additionally, they take far less time to complete, and our dentist can analyze them immediately, so your dental appointments are more efficient and informative.

Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging

Despite the many benefits of digital x-rays, they aren't always adequate in achieving an accurate diagnosis. When this happens our dentist turns to Cone Beam CT, which takes precise 3D images of the teeth, gums, bones, nerves and other soft tissues. 

KaVo DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Finder

The KaVoDIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Finder uses a low-density laser to locate hidden decay. It ensures cavities are found, even when hidden from the outer surface of the tooth, so our dentist can address them before they increase in size and cause pain and other problems.

Oral Cancer Screening (VELscope)

As the name indicates, the equipment is used for the screening of oral cancer. This technology helps identify abnormal tissue growths that commonly result in cancer. With VELscope, our dentist can detect oral cancer in its earliest stages, which significantly increases the chances for survival. 

Smile-Vision Technology

The Smile Vision technology is used primarily in cosmetic dentistry procedures to show patients how treatments will affect their smiles.

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